Flyte.70 is an age-positive makeup brand that takes a fresh approach to grownup beauty. Founded by Elena Frankel and Carolyn Barber, pioneers of one of the first indie beauty boutiques in US, Flyte.70 includes an edited collection of color products that have textures and finishes that work with, not against evolving skin. Formulas include a blend of both safely dosed natural and synthetic ingredients with an emphasize put on the importance of toxicology and data in creating safe and effective products for the consumer and the environment. Flyte.70 is certified Plastic Neutral and uses PCR in most of its packaging, as well as FSC paper for all cartons and shipping materials. Flyte.70 advocates for responsible shopping behaviors and their importance to the sustainability conversation.

Flyte.70 Hazycheek.Creme - Tenderness
Flyte.70 Hazycheek.Creme - Heartbreaker
Flyte.70 Hazycheek.Creme - Look of Love