Pink House Organics

Pink House was born in 2013 by Tracy Olesen and her sister Karen Sjoberg. Karen was diagnosed with breast cancer, and during her recovery, she was filled with horror at the chemicals in the products she was using daily.

Tracy was determined to help Karen find organic products, and in their disappointing search, they realized they may as well make them themselves. The two spent hours of time together in the kitchen scheming up ingredients for each product. With a lot of prayer and determination, the products were carefully crafted.

A few years later, Karen was sadly diagnosed with terminal cancer. Tracy continues the business with Karen’s daughters Tegan & Lindsay, who are thrilled to honor the legacy their Mom left behind.

Pink House is an honest company with backing hearts who are willing to go the extra mile to make sure women are aware of the impact of the ingredients they are putting on their bodies. Creating high quality products that are always natural, and always affordable.


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