Susanne Kaufmann

SUSANNE KAUFMANN magnifies the power of nature, regional sourcing, responsible production and Alpine flora in Austria. Their range of face, body and bath products are founded upon an Austrian heritage that is deeply rooted in the practices and traditions of skin-healing and preventative rituals, holistic wellbeing and self-care, and are lovingly developed to treat the skin as one. Each product is developed using only the finest plant actives and botanical essences, carefully chosen for their efficacy and skin affinity and locally sourced in Austria and Switzerland. The range is responsibly produced using solar energies and packaged in recyclable materials as part of the brand’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, which has been in place since the very beginning.

Susanne Kaufmann Duo Gift!

With your $85 or more Susanne Kaufmann purchase, receive a DELUXE bodycare duo!

Includes: Mountain Pine Bath Oil (30 ml) and Body Butter (15 ml).

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