Individually hand-crafted and organic, ISUN’s alchemical creations are formulated with the intention to give life to the skin and support mind and body wellbeing, while doing no harm to you or the planet.

ISUN’s active plant-based ingredients are kept in their whole form, still flourishing and alive through the cold-processing process. This method maintains the integrity and life-force energy that live plants impart through nutrients and minerals that penetrate the layers of the skin and nourish on a cellular level.

Formulated in the San Juan Mountains in Colorado, the wild-crafted & organic herbs, pure plant distillates, essential oils and butters harmoniously synergize to encourage the light within us to radiate.

ISUN is an ethically sourced collective. ISUN respectfully recognizes the sacred land on which the live ingredients are sourced and thanks the indigenous cultures and organic farmers with whom they work closely, for protecting and celebrating the land and natural world in which we live. In a soul-to-soul connection, some of the ingredients are blessed before arriving to ISUN: this inherent sense of union is what ISUN believes is the only way to gather.

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