In the rugged, wild lands of 19th-century South America, two different families crossed paths. Their encounter helped shape the future of modern-day Argentina, and 150 years later the direct descendants of the Mitre and Morrison families serendipitously met in Italy and fell in love. ALTAIA is their story. It's a love story 150 years in the making. In 2012 the chance discovery of the extraordinary events that over a century ago linked their families together in Argentina inspired Marina and Sebastian to create a new perfume collection, which they called ALTAIA. ALTAIA, an acronym for "A Long Time Ago In Argentina", is a celebration of Marina and Sebastián’s mutual love for the art of perfumery and the power of storytelling through scent, as well as the amazing circumstances of their shared history and enduring romance. Each Eau de Parfum contains olfactory elements evocatively associated with a strand of their interlaced past and present, lovingly crafted to produce exquisite fragrances that are compelling, emotional, timeless and contemporary.

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