Madame ZuZu's

Introducing Madame ZuZu's Teashop - where worldly flavors meet a homegrown passion. Founded by rockstar Billy Corgan and designer Chloé Mendel in Highland Park, IL, their tea haven brings you the finest loose-leaf teas from small farmers worldwide. Sourced sustainably and crafted with care, each sip offers a bit of magic. Discover the art of tea in a whimsical style, as they invite you on a journey to taste the extraordinary. Transcend the ordinary and make tea-time truly exceptional.

Madame ZuZus Vanilla Daydream Tea (4 oz)
Madame ZuZus Crema Earl Grey Tea (4 oz)
Madame ZuZus Emperor's Chamomile Rose Blossom Tea (4 oz)
Madame ZuZus Emperor's Mint Meritage Tea (4 oz)