Founder Neeley Kolsch established her line of screen-cleansing towelettes for gadgets and lenses out of necessity. Disgusted by facial blemishes caused by being on a cell phone 24/7, Kolsch created her line of personal electronic device cleaners. Well-kept screen cleansing towelettes are a smart solution to keeping personal tech devices clean and smudge-free, promoting fresh, clear, healthy-looking skin. These low lint cleansing wipes are a preferred product for estheticians and makeup artists around the world.

You will feel the love put into each pack of carefully designed towelettes. The goal is to bring more joy in your cleaning and add more delight in your giving. Well-Kept also has several giving back designs that support non-profit movements. 

Well-Kept Garden Party Screen Cleansing Towelettes – Tech Wipes (1 pack)
Well-Kept Go Get Em’, Tiger Cleansing Towelettes – Tech Wipes (1 pack)
Well-Kept Britt Screen Cleansing Towelettes/Tech Wipes (15 pcs)