A place where your soul can stretch and your imagination can play. Looshi gives people the tools to redefine their spaces enabling them to fully inhabit the present moment. The small rituals and routines that make up our daily lives are recast in a new light and experienced with all of the senses. Looshi incense provides an inspiring, empowering way for people to create moments that energize, soothe, and delight. 

Looshi incense is handcrafted, sustainable, eco-conscious, and made according to a traditional Indian method, passed down through generations. They work with local women in Indian villages to ethically and sustainably craft their products from natural sources. Their essential and fragrant oils are sourced sustainably from around the world to create the ultimate incense experience. Bark chips from aloes wood and sandalwood create a natural, woody fragrance layer. Rather than traditional charcoal, they use activated coconut shell, which retains the essential oil. Wild raw honey adds an aura of warmth and binds all the elements together.