In Fiore

Founder Julie Elliott is a modern day apothecary; a blender, a parfumeur, a world traveler, and a student of anthroposophy. Inspired by Old World apothecaries and history’s alchemists, Julie practices her craft with the accumulated wisdom of ancient tradition. In Fiore remains true to its original vision: to promote the centuries-old wisdom, dramatic health benefits, and elemental appeal of raw florals and herbs.

Julie is guided by an intuition for scent and blending, a passion that emerged in childhood as she pried through her mother’s French cosmetics, filling notebook after notebook with imaginative chemical formulary. She remains the intuitive creatrix behind every handcrafted formula and blend.

As if a scent spiritually imprints itself, Julie absorbs an intimate knowledge of each essence like a character study. This uncommon ability translates into remarkably nuanced fragrances that allow nature’s floral gifts to speak on their own.

Discover the 4-2-4 Method

The 4-2-4 Method is the foundation of any In Fiore skincare regimen. The four-part ritual is formulated to tone, prep, and pamper your complexion, while plumping and refining the skin's texture. Designed for all skin types.

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