Comptoir Sud Pacifique

COMPTOIR SUD PACIFIQUE celebrates the love of freedom and travel, guided by the curiosity and passion for the beauty of raw materials, often precious and rare. From far away places or from the around the bend of a road, Comptoir Sud Pacifique has brought back to their Paris boutique many species of flowers, natural resins, and fruits and has set up a collection of fragrances not even imagined at the time, with exotic enchanting names.

Vacation in a Bottle!

With your $100 or more SITEWIDE purchase receive a Comptoir Sud Pacifique deluxe Vanille Abricot Eau de Toilette (10ml - a $24 value)! It is an unforgettable delicious blend of jackfruit, apricot and papaya pulp sprinkled with vanilla and candy sugar. Sweet, warm and inviting.

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