From a desire to live a comfortable and healthy way of life, these products show a diligence in bringing you all the best characteristics of the unique SASAWASHI. What we take for granted today may become increasingly difficult tomorrow because of our changing environment & lifestyles. What is truly good is that which you will want to use for a lifetime. These simple designs are a result of an emphasis on comfort and natural feeling while using the products. Strive to be better without changing. Sasawashi's goal is dedication in creativity.

No other paper in the world is as useful as WASHI - a strong, durable, water-resistant and versatile material with its own beauty. Shoji (sliding WASHI paper doors), for example, keep you cool in hot, humid summers and warm in winter thanks to their humidity control, water absorption, insulation and UV protection. As WASHI can absorb both oil and water, it is used as blotting paper and oil absorbent cooking paper.


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