When Nette started, they wanted to create a clean-burning, sustainable, and super chic candle that would light the way to a new standard for the industry. For Nette, lighting a candle is a cherished ritual, much like pouring a great glass of wine or drawing a bath at the end of a long day. 

Unfortunately, most of the candles out there all look and smell the same and use harmful ingredients like paraffin wax and cheap, mass-produced vessels you wouldn’t bother keeping around the house longterm. So, after talking to almost a hundred vendors all over the world, Nette found their dream partners, starting with a factory who sourced a smooth, yummy, non-toxic coconut-soy wax, a 75-year-old family-owned glass blowing company in Italy who makes all of the glass vessels by hand, and a ceramicist in Philadelphia who creates the ceramic vessels. They are true treasures you’ll never want to throw out!


Sunday Chess Sanctuary!

With your $75 or more NETTE purchase, receive a complimentary NETTE Sunday Chess Mini Scented Candle (2.6 oz - a $38 value)!

The mini is made with a mouth-blown glass vessel that is food-safe and dishwasher-safe. Use as the chicest shot glass when your candle is done!

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