The floss party has started. With Cocofloss, flossing is so gratifying. It’s fun. Their community of floss-converts say Cocofloss is changing their lives. Addicted, floss fanatics, Cocoflossing once, twice or thrice daily! Cocofloss, seeks to make the world more beautiful with healthier smiles. They deliver a superior floss – the softest and most-cleansing dental floss – to protect smiles.

Cocofloss Cocobrush Pedestal with box
Cocofloss Cocobrush – Orange Zest (1 pc) with box
Cocofloss Cocobrush – Tickled Pink (1 pc) with box
Cocofloss Cocobrush – Limoncello Yellow (1 pc) with box
Cocofloss Cocobrush – Blue Bliss (1 pc) with box
Cocofloss Cara Cara Orange Floss 32 yards
Cocofloss Pure Strawberries Floss 32 yards
Cocofloss Mint Floss 32 yards
Cocofloss Fresh Coconuts Floss 32 yards