Launched in 2022, Antinomie is a French unisex designer fragrance brand with a singular universe. Each of its creations is the result of a quest for excellent. After having studied hundreds of raw ingredients, the label chose to work with only the best for its exceptional, high-quality fragrances. Concentrated at a minimum of 14% to ensure a perfume that lasts on the skin, the scents are made in France and designed to be real means of expression.

From Bois Blanc Pudique to Ambre Insomniaque, from Flirt Infini to Hiver Caniculaire, the Antinomie range is broad. The brand's inspiration is instinct, intuition, and experience. Allow desired intensity, your mood of the day, and favourite notes to guide your choice of the scent which reflects you best. Some of the brand's starring notes? Fresh peach or lemon, as well as spicier notes like amber, vanilla, white musk and cedar. To each, their own scent.