Pacific & Rose Textiles

Textile designer & printmaker Elizabeth James fell under the spell of hand block-printed textiles on her first trip to India in 2001. Before returning home, she had teamed up with a fair-trade block-printing workshop in the pink city of Jaipur and began work on her first home goods collection.

Working from her California studio, her ideas and experiences are downloaded and distilled into her unique design recipe that includes riffs on classic Indian Mughal motifs, a Fauvist inspired color palette, and a playful California sensibility. 

It takes up to 12 weeks as master printers meticulously block-print each design by hand, while seamstresses cut and sew each piece with loving care. Like a finger print, a block-printed textile reveals the individuality of the artisans who created it. With every stamp of the block, something unique and magical emerges, one small batch at a time.

Cosmetic Bag – Caroline Marigold - Beautyhabit
Pacific & Rose Textiles Cosmetic Bag – Gayatri Olive Buti (1 pc)
Pacific & Rose Textiles Cosmetic Bag – Umbria Mustard (1 pc)
Pacific & Rose Textiles Cosmetic Bag – Lilibet Cornflower (1 pc)
Pacific & Rose Textiles Kitchen Towels – Caroline Marigold