Sun Sister

Sun Sister offers botanical and herbal beauty created with care and the intention to nourish body and soul. Founder Nikki is an herbalist, potter, and tea ceremonialist. She first began on her path of healing after struggling with skin issues and seeking a holistic approach. Her quest led her to a very different way of being, one of deep connection and communion with Mother Earth and healing plants. She has studied herbalism with the CommonWealth School of Holistic Herbalism in Boston and The Gaia School of Healing in Vermont.

Sun Sister products are handcrafted in small batches in a studio with many herbs and flowers harvested from the garden. Sun Sister goods are slowly solar-infused with whole botanicals and blessed with sacred smoke. Sun Sister's formulas are crafted from Nikki's knowledge, intuition, and experience with plant medicine, with the mission of supporting physical and spiritual well being.

 Sun Sister Plant Dyed Silk Scarf - Coral (1 pc)
Sun Sister Plant Dyed Silk Scarf - Gold