Pilogen Carezza

Tradition, innovation and research: since 1898 Pilogen Carezza has been studying and producing high-quality natural cosmetics with passion and dedication.

Pilogen Carezza was born in Salsomaggiore Terme, in the province of Parma, a municipality famous for thermal tourism thanks to the presence of its salsobromoiodic waters, already known in the time of the ancient Romans. However, their healing properties were only discovered in 1839 by the doctor Lorenzo Berzieri, allowing an incredible further growth in interest in this country and bringing a further influx of patrons in search of well-being and health.

It experienced its maximum splendor during the Belle Époque and in the period between the two Wars: it is known for the vast amount of works of the architect, painter and art nouveau sculptor Galileo Chini, including an incredible architectural structure, the Terme Berzieri and the halls of the Palazzo dei Congressi.