Paul + Joe Lipstick Refill - Arrosoir Rouge (07), 3g showing tube with lipstick showing and color swatch
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Lipstick Refill- Arrosoir Rouge (07)

Arrosoir Rouge (07)

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Size 3 g
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Arrosoir Rouge (07) - Vivid reddish-orange.

Gorgeous, glowing lips are a staple of every makeup look. Each shade delivers any look you desire with a single stroke, be it rich and deep or light and ethereal. Be bold and reveal your uniqueness with a selection of colorful lipsticks from Paul & Joe! Each application of this moisturizing lipstick enhances your self-expression while keeping your lips irresistibly soft, plump and absolutely stunning.

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Pick your favorite Lipstick Case and pop in. Apply directly to the lips.
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Injecting all the Parisian charm of her fashion collection into her cosmetics range, Sophie Mechaly's adorable limited edition collections feature prints from her seasonal fashion line. Expect to find high-quality, innovative skincare and color cosmetics in a selection of sophisticated, wearable shades - all with a touch of whimsical Parisian je ne sais quoi.