Luna Washi Tape - Beautyhabit
Luna Washi Tape - Beautyhabit

Lisa Junius

Luna Washi Tape

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Washi tape is a Japanese craft masking tape that comes in many colors and patterns and has SO MANY creative uses. Comes in a cute box. 

*Measures approx.: 15 mm Wide x 10 m Long


Use it to add creative accents to scrapbooks and cards, or stick it on your wall calendars and personal planners to mark important dates.
The tape is removable, which means that you can easily stick it on, unpeel it, and move it to a different spot.

Brand Info

Blue. Dreamy. Women's. Nature. This is what Lisa Junius's work is all about. She wants to inspire calmness, strength, inner power and a connection to the natural. From tarot decks to prints, ceramics to enamel mugs and pins to Washi tape, her world expanses to many different materials and products.
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