Branche 100% Silk Queen Standard Pillow Slip (20" x 28") Silver
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100% Silk Queen Standard Pillow Slip (20" x 28") - Silver


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Treat yourself to the pleasure of sleeping on fine soft silk. Enjoyed by Hollywood stars worldwide, this elegant boudoir pillowcase minimizes morning wrinkles, preserves your hair styling, and promotes a more restful night's sleep. 

**Due to the intimate nature of this personal care item, returns on opened or used items will not be accepted**

Branché proprietary “Slow Weave” method creates a more refined charmeuse with an elegant finish and unrivaled durability, luster and smoothness.

Branché selects only the longest strand mulberry silk fibers for their lofty grade A 22mm weight silk.
Hypoallergenic and made with non-toxic dyes.

Skin Benefits:
- Prevent wrinkles: Skin glides on silk preventing the development of sleep lines while promoting healing and allowing fine lines to regenerate.
- Hydrate your skin: Silk’s 18 Amino Acids resemble those in our skin, creating a perfect synergy and boosting hydration to make skin plump, resilient and less likely to develop lines and wrinkles.
- Improved efficacy of skincare: Silk enhances absorption of your beauty products.
- Smoother skin: Natural sleep movements on silk polish skin’s epidermal layer.
- Naturally hypoallergenic: No mites, mold or fungus. Alleviates associated skin conditions.

Hair Benefits:
- Silky, shiny & lustrous: Sleep movement on silk smooths the cuticle layer. Silk won’t rob hair of natural oils which improves hydration.
- Less breakage & hair loss: Silk’s smooth surface won’t catch hair the way cotton does. Your mane will be thicker and fuller.
- Styles & blowouts last longer: Hair glides on silk so you wake up looking gorgeous. Spend less time styling, less money on blowouts and reduce damage.
- Tames frizz & tangles: Curls stay curls. Does wonders for princesses of all ages.
- Fuller lashes: Cotton tugs and damages eyelashes. Charmeuse Case keeps lashes healthier and fuller. Lash extensions last longer.
Use Soap specific for use on Silk, Hand or Machine Wash Warm Delicate Cycle, Hang to Dry. Do not put in dryer.
One Queen Standard Pillow Slip (20" × 28").
100% Silk

*Ingredients may be subject to change. The most accurate and up to date product ingredient list can also found on the product packaging.
Inspired by the memory of her mother's polyester satin pillow slip, Donna recreated a vintage pillow slip. Not only did her hairstyle look fresh in the morning, she also found that she no longer woke with creases on her face!

Donna Hinds' (Creator/Owner) early love of textiles unfolded into creating Branché, her own line of women's fashion.

In 1994, Branché became one of the first environmentally friendly lines, and the name, taken from the French term for “hip & connected,” was perfect for the company that remains the culmination of Donna's design degree, yoga certification, energetic healing studies and organic lifestyle.