Les Citadines

Les Citadines is passionate about conceiving unique, beautifully designed products with exceptional fragrances, that will be both meaningful and inspirational to people and their lives.

Their candles are meticulously handcrafted, from wax to wick to fragrance, in their Quebec atelier. Each step of the production has been carefully developped, during the creation process, in the quest to make the perfect candle, the one that mixes into their daily lives, to the point that they just can't live without it.

The delicate perfume blends of these candles provide a rich fragrance that gently fills the room. They are crafted using the highest quality materials: a premium soy wax blend, precious perfumes sourced in Grasse and the finest wicks, to provide the ultimate olfactory and visual experience.

Les Citadines values your wellness and want your home to remain a toxin-free zone, these conscious creations contain no parabens, no sulfates, no phtalates, no synthetic dyes and are cruelty-free. Les Citadines are risk-takers and free-spirited creators. Intuitive and innovative.