La Vucciria Sicily

La Vucciria is a new Sicilian artisinal food concept which celebrates the unique flavors of the diverse region. Founders Diana & Antonio spent years sourcing the absolute best ingredients to create a line of Sicilian specialties, representing the rich traditions of the region.

La Vucciria is named after the most famous outdoor market in the heart of Palermo, a place where scents, flavors and colors from the past are still alive and mixed together. The market has been an integral part of the Palermo’s culture for over 700 years, and is one of the most visited in Italy. La Vucciria food concept aims to make the colors and the scents of the market live again.

In the Vuccira “basket” you will find a selection of products made by artisinal producers, in order to transmit the warmth, history and tradition of Sicily through the Mediterranean flavors. La Vucciria's products are 100% made in Sicily.


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