JINsoon Effortless Nail Buffer & Shiner
JINsoon Effortless Nail Buffer & Shiner - Beauty shot
JINsoon Effortless Nail Buffer & Shiner - Product displayed with models hands on top
JINsoon Effortless Nail Buffer & Shiner - Product displayed in models hand


Effortless Nail Buffer & Shiner

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A salon-quality nail tool for effortlessly smooth and shiny nails. The double-sided surface features a buffing side to shape uneven nails and a shining side to give nails a topcoat-like finish.


Give your nails a break from nail polish while keeping them looking their best by buffing them with the JINsoon Nail Buffer/Shiner. You'll get a shiny, top coat-like look with our buffer/shiner - it's gentle on your nails so it won't harm the nail bed. Simply rub the buff side against your nails to even out the nail bed surface and then flip it over and rub it on your nails again for a smooth, mirror-like finish. Your nails will instantly have a natural shine and a healthy appearance.


1. File your nails to your desired shape.
2. Push back the cuticles.
3. Clean the oily residue from the nail beds.
4. Smooth the rough edges and buff the entire nail surface with the "Buff" side.
5. Shine your nails with the "Shine" side.

Brand Info

Known for her elegant simplicity, Jin Soon Choi is one of the most influential nail artists in the industry. Born in Korea, Jin moved to New York City in 1991 and quickly built a reputation as a rising freelance nail artist.

Jin soon earned a loyal following as the go-to manicurist of top editors, photographers, designers and celebrities. Crowned the "Nail Guru" by The New York Times Magazine, Jin is best known for her ability to pinpoint current and emerging trends and translate them into the art of nail design.

The range of shades includes those named by models she regularly works with, and is 5-free (of harsh chemicals) and formulated with high-tech polymers and resins that ensure long wear and a shiny finish.

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