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Cire Trudon Philae Candle showing wick
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Cire Trudon

Philae Candle

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An island on the Nile, Philæ holds the souvenir of the goddess Isis dear.

Built by one of the last pharaohs, Nectanebo 1st, the temple that celebrates Isis’ creative powers stood the test of time surrounded by flowing waters. It naturally welcomed native papyrus, which were used for books and manuscripts.

The Philæ candle is scented with a soft papyrus fragrance that evokes a timeless heritage.


Cistus, Pepper, Cedarwood, Labdanum, Musk, Vetiver.

Ingredients + Benefits

Vegetable Wax

*Ingredients may be subject to change. The most accurate and up to date product ingredient list can also found on the product packaging.

Brand Info

The many centuries-long experiences of the Trudon company makes them wax producers with unrivaled know-how. Skillful and demanding, Trudon draws all its talent from its wax producers without neglecting innovation for perfecting its waxes.

Trudon keeps a little secret when it comes to manufacturing: candle wax made with the highest quality of natural wax produced from rice, soya and copra (coconut kernel), forming a unique mixture, to be blended with perfume for perfect candles that go on burning.

The candle wicks are made from pure cotton. The candles do not contain any substances on the Greenpeace OSPAR list. No heavy metals or pesticides are involved in their manufacturing and they are entirely biodegradable.

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