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Ligne St. Barth - Father's Day 2023

A New Trio of Eau de Parfum for Men

Fragrances from Ligne St Barth, full of the spice, spirit, and flavors of the islands will enliven your summer with invigorating sensuality. This summer sees the introduction of three stunning Eau de Parfums for men.

Vetiver Eau de Parfum
The fresh green plant-rich scent of a sunny Caribbean morning after a stormy dark evening defines this elegant fragrance. Island citrus, herbs, and spicy Jamaican Pepper add a refined finish to this tropical fragrance.

L’Original Eau de Parfum
World famous, L’Original so perfectly captures the essence of the Caribbean. The scent is so evocative that one can almost hear the gentle sound of palm trees swaying in the trade winds with each application. L’Original captures the invigorating salty sea spray, complimented by the freshness of citrus and aromatics like lavender and rosemary.

With unique vigor, each of these three Eau de Parfums from Ligne St Barth is truly transportive and evocative of the day and nights spent on the Caribbean Islands.

Islander Eau de Parfum
Rum production on the Caribbean islands has been a constant since the 17th century. The legends of this spirit, its creation, and its allure are tied intrinsically to the histories of the Islands. Islander de Parfum is inspired by the story of Bay Rum. This precious amber liquor, aged in wood barrels, is distinct in its flavor and delectable aroma. With top notes of lime, Vetiver, and West Indian bay leaf, and woody base notes the scent of rum prevails with a warm familiarity to anyone who has visited the islands.

Photo by David Lewis Taylor

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