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Ligne St. Barth Homme Eau de Parfum for Men - details below

Ligne St. Barth Homme Eau de Parfum for Men as seen on

and available online at Beautyhabit

The Best Luxury Gifts For The Man In Your Life This Father's Day

Discover the ultimate indulgence for the extraordinary dads in your life with our exclusive luxury gift guide for Father’s Day. From sophisticated tech accessories to opulent home goods, we have curated a selection of exquisite gifts that exude refinement and celebrate the exceptional. Delight your father with timeless elegance and impeccable craftsmanship, as we present a range of meticulously chosen items that showcase the epitome of luxury. Whether he appreciates the finest wines, refined fragrances, upscale coffee, and drinks, or fashion and sleep products that set him apart, our gift guide is a treasure trove of inspiration to express your deep appreciation and honor the remarkable fathers who deserve nothing but the best.

We’ve chosen eight items that will make Dad say “you didn’t have to, but I’m so glad that you did.”

Ligne St. Barth Homme

With an unmistakable spa concept that combines Caribbean peacefulness with feel-good pampering, Ligne St. Barth Homme’s fragrances are the perfect gift. They have three new fragrances in their luxurious collection made from the fruits and flowers of the Caribbean crafted naturally from recipes handed down from the Island’s original settlers, the Arawak Indians, they come in a bold new fragrance collection just for men that give the traditional fragrances of the Islands a modern twist. Perfect for a Dad who’s at once tuned into the classics but loves to add a fresh, vital modern edge to his style. Better than a colorful tie, these new fragrances bring a sense of pulsing energy and excitement.

L’Original – Virile citrus floral.  Feels like a sea breeze on the skin. The DNA of St Barth. Now in an Eau de Parfum.

Vetiver – Green, smoky sophisticated made with the finest Haitian Vetiver. Modern classic men love.

Islander – Rich woody scent – updated with surprising spices  Genuinely, historically, a favorite of the Pirates of the Caribbean now reimagined by Ligne St Barth.

Photo by Jean-Philippe Piter

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