ALTAIA Any Day Now Eau de Parfum - details below

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ALTAIA Any Day Now Eau de Parfum

Any Day Now is the newest from ALTAIA, celebrating the 150 year history in Argentina between the two families of the husband and wife team behind the brand.

Any Day Now is a spicy rose, a favorite scent type for me. It's a dark rose mixed with musk, woods and spice. A rich rose at the beginning with a sharp tone to it at times. This is a rose with edge. Her thorns haven't been stripped away but she's not super prickly either.

The woods and the rose mingle pretty equally most of the time. Think of roses nestled into the fallen logs of cedar ringed woods and you get the idea. By the full drydown it's a softer scent wearing closer to the skin, ambery rose with less bite and the patchouli giving it some warmth and depth.  

A romantic scent. One for an assured grown up.

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