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19-69 Chronic Eau de Parfum as seen on HuffPost.com...

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27 Weird Mother's Day Gifts That Your Mom Would Be Nuts Not To Love

Your mom is there for you always, and you really only need to return the favor one day out of the year.

But there is a lot of pressure to get mom a gift that she will like — and, more importantly, that shows you get her as a person, not just as a parental figure.

On top of that is the pesky little fact that, like most people, your mom is probably a closet weirdo.

Luckily for you and your mom, HuffPost Weird News has once again combed the world looking for gifts that will surely appeal to her, whether it’s headphones with kitty ears, a portable urinal or bath products inspired by the movie, “Shrek.”

You don’t have to thank us.

Cannabis Perfume

"Mom, remember how you kept asking about that strange herby smell from my room late at night?" "Yes, it was very strange." "Well, yeah, but there's an explanation. I got you some perfume that is scented like cannabis." (19-69 Chronic Eau de Parfum) "Cannabis?" "Yes, do you like the smell?" "Kinda herby. Reminds me of the smell of that nursery your sister works at?" "The dispensary?" "Yes! Well, thank you!"

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