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ALTAIA Any Day Now Eau de Parfum as seen on

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Gift Idea: ‘Any Day Now’ Eau de Parfum

I just received a wonderful Eau de Parfum called, Any Day Now from ALTAIA, the fragrance house named for A Long Time Ago In Argentina. If you know me, then you know I love different fragrances. It's always great to be introduced to new ones on the market and I think I have a keeper with this one! My poor perfume tray is getting filled up so fast but I definitely have to make room for this new beauty! Loving the bottle design and how pretty it looks on on my tray.

Altaia did a great job with the look of it, its very chic and luxurious. As far as the smell, it’s very grown and sexy and puts me in the mind of taking a road trip some place warm with an ocean nearby. You grab your bag to refresh and spray just a dab, because that’s exactly how much you will need too because it’s very vibrant! This perfume will grab the attention of anyone going by lol. It’s beautiful sensuality could not be more welcome at this time of year, safe bet it will warrant a kiss under the mistletoe. Great gift idea for the holidays. See more inside and where to find…..

Only a miracle could have produced a love story a hundred and fifty years in the making and this proves that no matter what we may be thinking as we make our way through life, love is actually always just around the corner ready to woo us away. 

All we have to do is keep our hearts open and be ready for it. Let it be so, and love will be caressing like the petals of a rose deep as the roots of an oak. Love awaits us wherever we are. Any moment can be the right one.

Black pepper – “the king of spices” – fresh, pungent, spicy, said to warm the indifferent heart
Damascus Rose -“the queen of roses” has a honey-like fragrance, with spicy and cognac notes 
Oud – “black gold,” intoxicating fragrance ingredient that comes from one of the rarest and most expensive woods in the world, earthy, sensual
Patchouli – “…if magic had a scent, it would smell of patchouli!” –  warm, woody, and complex it provides the perfect setting for fresher notes to run free
Sandalwood – “brings you closer to the divine” in Hindu religion, creamy, warm, rich
Cedar Wood –  transports you to an evergreen forest, calming and balancing, with hints of resin
Amber – cozy, sexy, musky, powdery, erotic

Photo by David Castillo (@espacioveintiuno)

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