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19-69 Chronic Eau de Parfum as seen on CannibisNow.com...

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Cannabis Eau de Parfum: Luxury in a Bottle

Elevate your scent game with these fresh plant-friendly fragrances.

The question must be asked: When does being sprayed with “skunk” weed smell good? Well, it doesn’t. But when hemp extracts, in their rawest form, are carefully infused with the likes of pink pepper, oud, vetiver or vanilla sandalwood as a fragrance, it takes on a whole new scentsation of personalization and luxury.

The truth is, I thought I might be hard-pressed to conjure up enough fragrance brands in this genre to fill a page. And begin writing this piece before testing or sniffing any samples. Except for Fresh’s Cannabis Santal Eau de Parfum—when it launched in 2006, I may have been one of their first customers when I purchased it at Neiman Marcus. It’s the OG in this category and truly is a terrific fragrance. So, when I was tasked with this assignment, it happened that at that same moment Fresh decided to discontinue the scent—at the height of the party, no less. Then, just as quickly and with a lot of pushback, they relaunched the fragrance. In my mind, with a hint of added elegance. And, yes, it was the Fresh relaunch that sparked this story.

The moment I was deluged with all the fragrances as they arrived, my story took on new life. While each of the below scents were entirely unique on their own, they also carried a sophisticated quality about them, in packaging, presentation and, most importantly, the final aromata that I wasn’t really expecting to stand up to Fresh. But they did. And there wasn’t one eau de parfum that didn’t smell great. Do note that the pictures don’t do the brands justice—as it was their in-person presence and scent that wowed me.

Chronic Eau de Parfum

19-69 made me lean in, hard. A seriously tasteful surprise that reeks of monied London, circa 1969. A few notes are bitter orange, Russian clary sage, cannabis accord, cashmere wood and moss.

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