Yolaine The Lip Pencil Sharpener (1 pc)
Yolaine The Lip Pencil Sharpener - Side view of sharpener showing pencil holes
Yolaine The Lip Pencil Sharpener - Packaging and pencil sharpener side by side


The Lip Pencil Sharpener

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Your new ally for your make-up case: a duo pencil sharpener that is perfect for the Lip Pencils, and more.


Cute and easy to carry around, this duo pencil sharpener is perfect for all kinds of pencils. It also has a tight-fitting lid to avoid messes and a tiny cleaning stick.

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Brand Info

Yolaine is both a return to basics and a journey through time. Halfway between a flowery boudoir and an artist's studio, Yolaine revisits iconic Parisian beauty products by bringing her very own touch to them, this “I don't know what” that makes all the difference. Floral patterns inspired by exquisite vintage pieces adorn the products, like an ode to tapestries that can only be found in homes frozen in time.
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