The Little Press Notebook with Foil Embossed Sun - cover
The Little Press Notebook with Foil Embossed Sun - inside pages - lined on one side only

The Little Press

Notebook with Foil Embossed Sun

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A hand illustrated sun god feels like treasure on this notebook. Gold foiled and embossed, so that the design is raised off the surface of the cover. Inspiring creativity and holding the space for your sketches, daydreams, ideas and creativity.

Pages are lined on one side, so you have structure for written words. The backs of the pages are blank, which is perfect for illustrations.

Measures approx 4.8" W x 6.75" H.


- 100 pages lined on one side, blank on the other.
- 100% recycled inside pages 80gsm
- 300gsm cover
- Hot foil printed & embossed with a traditional printing press
- Tangible design which is raised off the cover.

Brand Info

Years of travelling to far flung places, collecting inspiration from many different cultures and experiences all comes through in these designs. Like offerings from far away lands to inspire the hearts of clients.

The Little Press started out as one little hand operated printing press named 'Leo', and very quickly grew into something much bigger. The Little Press has its roots in art and design, which makes the style so unique and unmistakable.

“We make intricate, fine detailed designs, printed to perfection into premium papers. Our unique designs come from the heart and soul.”
— Emily (Founder & Art Director)
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