The Floral Society 10" Fancy Tapers - Clay (2 pcs)
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10" Fancy Tapers - Clay

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Size 2 pcs
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Fancy Taper Candles are hand-molded and embody a superior depth of color. A cotton wick is used for the cleanest burn, and the base is sized to fit a standard holder. Subtle variations in wax depth and color opacity may occur.
Each 10” candle is crafted to burn for ten hours
Paraffin Wax and Cotton Wick.
Moved by the changing seasons of the natural world and the collaborative spirit of the floral community, The Floral Society makes creative tools and objects to inspire the design enthusiast at home. They believe that everyone with a vision can be both creator and curator — from the budding florist to the skilled host, and all humans in between.

Founded by Sierra Steifman of New York boutique floral house Poppies & Posies, their focus is on time-tested essentials infused with a heavy dose of aspiration. They aim to open up a world of flowers, gardening, and casual entertaining to all.

Come join the club.