Tamra Copper LA Marma Stick (1 pc)
Tamra Copper LA Marma Stick showing model using stick on hands
Tamra Copper LA Marma Stick showing model using rounded end on palm

Tamra Copper LA

Marma Stick

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Ayurveda sites 107 Marma points on the body where concentrations of life energy reside. With gentle massage, stagnant energy is released.

This massage stick revives tired hands for those on computers, cellular phones, and anyone who works with their hands. Also relaxing for the feet.

Measures approx.: 6" Long


Beautifully hand carved in India.

Brand Info

It all started with a solo adventure to India in 1998, and quickly developed into a love of the culture and craft of this vast and ancient land. Ayurveda is a 5,000 year old form of alternative medicine that is the traditional system of medicine of India and seeks to treat and integrate body, mind, and spirit using a comprehensive holistic approach especially by emphasizing diet, herbal remedies, exercise, meditation, breathing, and physical therapy. A glass of Tamra Jal ("copper water" in Hindi) is taken first thing in the morning. Everyday.

Hmmm...if drinking from a copper vessel is the first thing you do to nourish the body, how can it also nourish the spirit? As a daily reminder to set a positive intention. Tamra Copper bottles are hand engraved with carefully chosen words or symbols to imbue the water contained with specific positive energies.

"Feed the body, nourish the spirit" - Cheryl Freeman Founder

All products are hand made.
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