StoryTiles Small Tile - Nathalie Lete She Said Yes (1 pc)
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Small Tile - Nathalie Lete She Said Yes

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Size 1 pc
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Yes, yes, YAAASSSS!!! Did I hear that right? Did she say yes?

Natalie Lété has created a hand-painted design, especially for StoryTiles. Natalie is a famous designer from Paris. Her style is colorful and poetic. Create your own happiness!

Measures approx 4" x 4"

Hand-made in Holland
Includes hanger on back.
Heat and Water Resistant
Ceramic tiles have been made in Delft and the surrounding area since the 16th century. StoryTiles honors this tradition and creates miniature stories on tiles. All tiles are traditionally baked at a high temperature in the Netherlands. The artworks are therefore heat and water resistant so that the special design will last a lifetime. Each design is baked by hand and therefore unique.
StoryTiles makes art on tiles, wood and crockery. Every design has a funny twist, in which classic concepts contrast with modern elements. All StoryTiles products are traditionally made in the Netherlands, from their home base in Amsterdam. Marga van Oers founded StoryTiles in 2013.