StoryTiles Frame for Small Tile
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Frame for Small Tile

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Frame your StoryTiles to emphasize the unique qualities of your tiles. A perfect match for your Small Tiles.


Hand made from Sustainable Wood.
Fits 4" x 4" StoryTile.

Put your tiles in the spotlight. Combine your tiles with the unique handmade frame. Each frame is made of residual oak, found in Dutch forests and parks. The wood gets a second life and is artisanally processed into frames. They are made by hand and compliment the characteristics of the tiles.

This frame is crazy about walls! Use the enclosed hanging system to give it a nice place.

Brand Info

StoryTiles makes art on tiles, wood and crockery. Every design has a funny twist, in which classic concepts contrast with modern elements. All StoryTiles products are traditionally made in the Netherlands, from their home base in Amsterdam. Marga van Oers founded StoryTiles in 2013.
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