Shoji Works Shining Shoe Brush - Yellow
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Shining Shoe Brush - Yellow

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For creating shine, the final step in shoe polishing. Made with incredibly soft white horse mane hair, the result is a finer and more elegant shine than with harder bristles. There is a 'step' cut into the bristles - use just the tip to brush gently, or use the full brush with a bit more force. Also suitable for creating gradations when mirror polishing or for daily cleaning of mirror-finished areas (light dust removal)
The Horse Mane brush works like a goat hair brush; perfect for finishing off a shine on your shoes. The bristles are typically softer than the average horse hair brushes.
European beech base.
Shoji Works was founded in 1918 and is the only ‘start to finish’ manufacturer of brushes in Japan. Their aim is to create products that fit within the lives of as many customers as possible – brushes to care for clothing, brushes to neaten hair, brushes to wash the body. Made with walnut and other finest quality woods and materials, worked and finished by hand.