Shoji Works Polishing Shoe Brush – Blue (1 pc)
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Polishing Shoe Brush – Blue

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Shoeshine shops are booming in Japan. Add a cloth and cream, and these brushes are all you need.

Made with stiff horsetail hair, the 'blue' shoe brush is a brush to use for applying creams. Applying the cream regularly will add color, nutrition, and shine to the leather, as well as moisturizing the instep leather.

Note: this 'blue' brush is just a bit softer than the 'green' brush which serves the same purpose. Boxed.
Horsehair bristles with a wooden handle.
Shoji Works was founded in 1918 and is the only ‘start to finish’ manufacturer of brushes in Japan. Their aim is to create products that fit within the lives of as many customers as possible – brushes to care for clothing, brushes to neaten hair, brushes to wash the body. Made with walnut and other finest quality woods and materials, worked and finished by hand.