Beeswax Hug Candle - Beautyhabit
Beeswax Hug Candle - Beautyhabit
Beeswax Hug Candle - Beautyhabit

Rani Ban Co

Beeswax Hug Candle

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This candle is made of 100% beeswax sourced from small U.S. farmers. It has a natural hemp wick and is hand-poured at the Rani Ban studio. Each pour is varied in its natural color and natural sweet scent (which is up to the bees!!).

Measures approx 5.5" Tall x 2" Wide.


- Candle burns for several hours.
- Never leave candle burning unattended.
- Send to someone you wish you could hug!
- Cast from a clay sculpture.
- Made in USA.

Brand Info

Rani Ban is a full time artist living on a small farm in the Hudson Valley. She traded her Brooklyn apartment for an old farmhouse with ducks, chickens, goats & peafowl. She is an illustrator, writer & accidental printmaker.
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