Parfums de Nicolai Maharadjah Candle (600 g)
Parfums de Nicolai Maharadjah Candle shown with lid to the side and all 3 wicks lit
Parfums de Nicolai Maharadjah Candle with box
Parfums de Nicolai Maharadjah Candle box

Parfums de Nicolai

Maharadjah Candle

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Maharadjah is a subtle combination of lavender and sandalwood in order to support the patchouli and the vanilla spices. The must have home fragrance from Nicolaï!


Lavender, Sandalwood, Patchouli.

Olfactory Family: Oriental

Estimated burning time : 50 hours.


During the first use, let your candle burn until all the wax has become liquid on the surface to prevent the wax from digging and forming a well around the wick.

Before each ignition, shorten the wick to 3 mm to prevent any smoke.

Your candle will burn properly if you make sure the wick is straight and centered when you extinguish it.

Brand Info

Born into the legendary Guerlain Family in Paris, perfumer Patricia de Nicolai represents the 4th generation to carry on the family profession and legacy of artistic perfume creation. Surrounded by beautiful aromas and rare raw materials as a child, she immersed herself in fragrance, later studying chemistry and attending the prestigious ISIPCA Perfumery School in Versailles. In 1989 Patricia and her husband Jean-Louis Michau opened their first shop, NICOLAI Parfumeur-Createur, with the mission to emphasize for the perfumer complete freedom in their creative choices and to use the finest quality ingredients.

With the addition of Patricia’s son Axel joining the team, Parfums de Nicolai has flourished as one of the jewels of the independent French perfume industry and today they have eight boutiques across Paris. All the fragrances are entirely created by Patricia in the small laboratory that can be seen by visitors to the shop at 28 Rue de Richelieu near the Louvre, and Patricia delights in showing perfume enthusiasts what happens ‘behind the scenes’. Patricia de Nicolai’s personal imprint as a creator is identifiable and compelling, known for her mix of originality, elegance, and ‘Le luxe a la Francaise’. Her signature perfume, New York, has been called one of the greatest fragrances in history by fragrance experts across the globe.
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