Parfums de Nicolai Candle Accessories Set (2 pcs)
Parfums de Nicolai Candle Accessories Set inside box

Parfums de Nicolai

Candle Accessories Set

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These accessories are matte black metal and perfect for use even with deeper candles. Trim wicks to the preferred 1/4" level with this trimmer that is 6" long past the finger holds. The snuffer has a 6" stem to make extinguishing easy. The cylinder is 1" long.

Brand Info

Patricia de Nicolaï's fragrances are unique and original and distinguished contemporary creations.

Born in Paris, Patricia de Nicolaï spent her childhood in the Guerlain family home in Paris. A home in which she has been in contact with 4 generations of Guerlain. Later, Patricia studied chemistry and attended ISIPCA university which specialized in perfumery in Versailles. Quickly, she developed her talent for perfume creation and took her first steps into the world of perfumery.

In 1989, with her husband Jean-Louis Michau, Patricia started ‘NICOLAI, parfumeur-créateur’ and decided to continue the prestigious family tradition of perfume creation. The concept was to emphasise the role of the perfumer. A perfumer free in their creative choices and free to use the best quality ingredients available.

In all these creations her personal style appears, giving a real signature imprint. Patricia de Nicolaï’s creations are identifiable, original and elegant reflecting the high Parisian ‘parfumerie’ and ‘Le luxe à la française.’
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