Yuzu Fou Eau de Parfum

Yuzu Fou Eau de Parfum

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A splash of freshness from Japan.

The crackling scent of Japanese yuzu, set in a cocktail of concentrated citrus extracts topped off with an icy splash of mint. Verbena absolute and a green bamboo accord boost the coolness of this “crazy yuzu”. Bright and invigorating.

Japanese yuzu, citrus, mint, verbena absolue, white musk and green bamboo.

Contemporary and sparkling, YUZU FOU is a dive into the heart of avant-garde, hyper-urban Japan, where nature meets high technology, and glass and steel exist alongside vegetal walls and suspended gardens.

YUZU FOU opens with a rush of natural citrus extracts, highly concentrated through cutting-edge technology. The crackling aroma of yuzu is the archipelago’s olfactory identity: from pharmacopeia to gastronomy, the unique, powerfully tart flavor of this vitamin-C-rich fruit is ubiquitous in Japan… The kumquat, from the “Japanese lemon tree”, adds its bitter touch, enhanced by bitter orange, the fruit of purity and wisdom.

Mint delivers its bracing virtues. Verbena absolute intensifies the scent’s coolness with its metallic facet. In the Land of the Rising Sun, where it grows wild, it is thought to alleviate stress and is a favorite remedy of over-stimulated city dwellers…

YUZU FOU is also an invitation to meditation, calm and purification. It echoes the scents of contemporary Japanese spas, where ancestral rituals are still observed. The streamlined cedar wood bath: in Japan, the cedar tree is considered a symbol of strength and determination. The aroma of yuzu: plunged in bathwater during the winter solstice, it favours optimism and well-being. A green bamboo accord: for some masters, the rustling of bamboo leaves was the signal of illumination…

In the limpid but long-lasting sillage of YUZU FOU, honeyed neroli blends with softly sensuous white musks.
Alcohol denat, parfum, aqua, limonene, linalool, citral, eugenol, geraniol, hydroxycitronellal, citronellol, farnesol, benzyl salicylate, coumarin

*Ingredients may be subject to change. The most accurate and up to date product ingredient list can also found on the product packaging.
The Scents of Conquest…Amourous conquest, spiritual conquest, self-conquest… Perfume is a quest, perfume is an exploration. To achieve this conquest, Parfum d’Empire goes back to the original sense of scent, from time immemorial and in every culture: seduction and spirituality. Parfum d’Empire, the power of the noblest raw materials pushed to excess.

How far is too far? Marc-Antoine Corticchiato has chosen a physical, fearless, baroque perfumery. As the nose and owner of his brand, with a PhD in the chemistry of perfume plants, he is sole sovereign of his lab. His unique profile affords him total artistic autonomy. Freedom isn’t given, but conquered! Parfum d’Empire combines an exuberant use of rich materials with the sense of balance that characterizes the Grand French manner.

Parfum d’Empire: an invitation to conquer the realm of the senses.
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