Open Sea Dark Roses Oval Greeting Card with envelope
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Dark Roses Oval Greeting Card

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Size 1 pc
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This flat oval card features a dark rose pattern that is not a complete circle on the front side and is blank on the back for your personal message. The card and matching envelope are Natural White.

Measures approx.: 5" L x 7" H.

Printed in 4 color digital offset.
Made in USA.
Open Sea is a Brooklyn creative studio that specializes in fine stationery and paper goods.

Open Sea creates paper goods that tell a story, not just with words and phrases, but with symbols, talismans, long lost traditions, and creatures from the natural world. They are inspired by the occult, the eccentricities of the Victorian era, naturalist prints, and treasures of the plant and animal kingdom. Each piece is meticulously designed with purpose and intention, and Open Sea prides themselves in their attention to the very small details.

The company was established in 2015 by Melissa Constandse, named for the salty, crystal-clear blue shores of her home in the Yucatan Peninsula.