OJOOK Toothbrush Holder with box
OJOOK Toothbrush Holder shown with toothbrush in it (sold separately)


Toothbrush Holder

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The most hygienic solution for storing your toothbrush (and even razors). Constructed with diatomaceous earth, a raw material made of fossilized remains of algae, it is fast drying and mold resistant. Store any standard size toothbrush in an upright position to keep the toothbrush clean and dry.


- The toothbrush holder is 100% plastic free and compostable.
- Fast-drying
- Anti-bacterial and mold resistant
- Heat resistant

Brand Info

The mouth is the gateway organ of our body, controlling all “input,” and has long been viewed as a symbol of life by many cultures around the world. In fact, there is clinical research available that oral health is closely linked to cardiovascular and brain health.

OJOOK's vision is to integrate science, mastery, and cultural heritage, because they believe oral care should be as useful as it is beautiful. OJOOK is committed to reshaping routines into rituals and inspiring sacred experiences that define our days.
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