OJOOK Silk Floss Refill (32 yds)
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Silk Floss REFILL

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This plastic-free, biodegradable dental floss is made with 100% compostable and luxurious Italian silk. It is loaded with healing ingredients - 9x roasted Korean bamboo salt, ethical beeswax and hydroxyapatite.

**Due to the intimate nature of this personal care item, returns on opened or used items will not be accepted**


- A powerful & eco-friendly treatment floss refill.
- It is gentle, bouncy, and shred-resistant, lifting up debris between teeth with the utmost ease and comfort.
- Removes food, debris, plaque and tartar build up between teeth
- Made with natural, bouncy, and shred-resistant Italian silk for thorough cleaning
- PTFE/ PFAS free floss and plastic free
- Only floss in the market loaded with healing ingredients: Korean 9x baked bamboo salt (Jukyeom) and ethical beeswax for gum inflammation and teeth sensitivity
- Hydroxyapatite remineralizes enamel in between teeth
- Biodegradable floss - 100% home compostable
- Made in Italy

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Brand Info

The mouth is the gateway organ of our body, controlling all “input,” and has long been viewed as a symbol of life by many cultures around the world. In fact, there is clinical research available that oral health is closely linked to cardiovascular and brain health.

OJOOK's vision is to integrate science, mastery, and cultural heritage, because they believe oral care should be as useful as it is beautiful. OJOOK is committed to reshaping routines into rituals and inspiring sacred experiences that define our days.
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