Oblation Papers & Press Edith Wharton Inspiration Journal (1 book)
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Edith Wharton Handmade Paper Inspiration Journal

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“My little old dog, a heartbeat at my feet.” — Edith Wharton

Minimal design with a striking quote on handmade paper cover. Japanese bound with 100 grey ruled cream pages.

Measures approx.: 5.5" x 7.75"

- Handmade recycled cotton paper cover with natural deckled edges
- Letterpress printed with soy ink or hot foil
- Packaged in clear sleeve
When you hold in your hand the soft handmade paper with deep letterpress impression, made daily at oblation papers & press, you immediately sense the rarity of the object. Since 1989, Ron and Jennifer Rich and their creative team of artisans and designers have carved out their niche with textural handmade papers beautifully suited to that letterpress bite.

The edges are not cut or torn, but naturally shaped as part of the papermaking process, using the tools of the trade: a wooden frame with mesh screen called a mould and a wooden frame without mesh known as a deckle. After the mould and deckle are drawn up through the vat together, the deckle is lifted from the wet, glistening paper and the deckled edges are revealed.

Oblation papers & press was founded on practicing a green approach and they follow recycling principals that focus on reuse and conservation. Sustainability is in their roots and we use soy ink, wind power, and reclaimed antique letterpresses that will outlive us all!