Nano-b Silver Toothbrush (1 pc) clear
Nano-b Silver Toothbrush (1 pc) pink
Nano-b Silver Toothbrush (1 pc) blue
Nano-b Silver Toothbrush (1 pc) clear
Nano-b Silver Toothbrush (1 pc) pink
Nano-b Silver Toothbrush (1 pc) blue
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Silver Toothbrush

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Size 1 pc
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Enjoy a pristine brushing experience! Nano-b utilized all the latest oral care discoveries and merged them with the natural antibacterial properties of silver to create a cleaner and safer alternative to the standard toothbrush.

**Due to the intimate nature of this personal care item, returns on opened or used items will not be accepted**

Silver – Genuine silver impregnated bristles safeguard your toothbrush from bacteria. This keeps your toothbrush cleaner and safer, which is what you want from a dental tool you put in your mouth every day.

Double bristle structure – A combination of long, ultra-thin bristles and short, oval ones ensures you remove plaque much more effectively. The long, fine bristles imitate flossing action and clean plaque in hard-to-reach places like between your teeth and under the gumline, while the short ones take care of the big surfaces of your teeth. Nano-b virtually combines brushing and flossing in one.

Rounded-edged bristle tips – Scientifically rounded bristle tips protect the soft tissue of your mouth from scratches and cuts. This makes Nano-b ideal for people suffering from sensitive or bleeding gums.

Smaller head size – A toothbrush should be able to effectively clean all of your teeth, not just the easy-to-reach ones. Hence, we’ve made the head of our brush smaller and nimble enough to reach and clean your back teeth just as easily.

Beautiful crystal design – Nano-b brushes are clean, smooth and transparent. They come in a range of beautiful crystal colours which makes brushing a much more pleasant experience.

Travel case included – Each Nano-b toothbrush comes in its own handy travel case, ideal for storage and travel. Now it’s easy to carry your toothbrush with you whenever you want to.

Lasts up to 6 months - Nano-b bristles are more durable and fray much less than standard brushes. Combined with its antibacterial features, this means you can safely use your Nano-b brush for up to 6 months, before getting a new one.
Their parent company, OraGuard Ltd, was created 4 years ago in London, UK as a reflection of their desire to add more value to the world. They chose oral care as our main focus, because of its great importance to our wellbeing and because brushing our teeth is the most widely practiced healthy habit on the planet. This would potentially allow them to have the greatest impact on people’s lives all over the world.