Mr. Boddington's Studio Strawberry Pencils
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Strawberry Pencils

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Size 4 pcs
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Learning fractions and that tricky cursive letter “R” is a delight with these cheery pencils. Each pattern is hand-illustrated by Mr. Boddington in his Brooklyn studio and has a matching composition book that is sold separately (if you are interested!).

Set of 4 pencils (7.5" long).
Made in United States of America.

Since Mr. Boddington is often traveling the world in pursuit of leisure and inspiration, he maintains a studio in Brooklyn to keep his craft humming. In the reclaimed factory bones of Industry City, you will find a team of talented artists, designers, illustrators, production specialists and biscuit nibblers.

The team is led by Rebecca S. Ruebensaal who illustrates and designs much of the collection. She has her own story but is far too busy chasing the demands of Mr. Boddington, her two sons and her terribly naughty pup, Lucky, to share at this time.