Mimi & August Floral Bouquet Cafe Yo Cup (14 oz)
Mimi & August Floral Bouquet Cafe Yo Cup sitting on counter next to planter
Mimi & August Floral Bouquet Cafe Yo Cup showing cup on counter sitting next to spoon
Mimi & August Floral Bouquet Cafe Yo Cup showing model holding cup

Mimi & August

Floral Bouquet Cafe Yo Cup

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Love coffee to go, but aware of environmental issues? Using a reusable cup is a small step in the right direction to help the planet. Replace disposable containers for your drinks and reduce your ecological footprint with bamboo fiber cups!

The bamboo fiber cup versus a disposable container: eco-friendly, infinitely reusable and keeps your drink warm for a longer time.


- 14 oz / approximately 415 ml capacity.
- Made from natural bamboo fibers.
- BPA, BPS and phthalate free.
- Dishwasher safe.
- Fully recyclable silicone lid & sleeve.
- Keep your drinks warm.
- Lightweight.

Bamboo is an inexhaustible ecological resource. It doesn’t need to be replanted and renews itself naturally.


Please note:
The cup is dishwasher safe but not suitable for microwave.

Ingredients + Benefits

80% Bamboo, 15% Corn Powder, 5% Resin.

Brand Info

Well-designed products for an everyday lifestyle. Every product is unique and personalized.

Mimi & August design in Montreal, Canada and work with small factories that enable economic development and sustainable job creation in Canada and abroad. Their models are family and friends - real people with freckles and messy hair. Celebrate trueness, true beauty and real bodies!

Exclusive and affordable products without compromising the quality and the living conditions of the people who produce them.
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