Idlewild Co Crescent Moon Gold Plated Paper Clips (25 pcs) pictured with white envelope - not included
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Crescent Moon Gold Plated Paper Clips

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Size 25 pcs
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These fun and quirky paper clips make all of your office & school work just a bit more–if not exciting–then at least more aesthetically pleasing. The small glass jar is filled with 25 gold clips to dress up your desk, homework, bills, planners–anything you can think of!

Each measures approx. 1" High x 3/4" Wide

Glass Jar holds 25 paper clips.
Idlewild Co. is a boutique paper goods & gift company founded in 2010 by artist & designer, Katie Gastley. What would become a nationally distributed stationery line began with a tiny pop-up at the Renegade Craft Festival in McCarren Park, Brooklyn.

In a few short years the brand has established itself as a go-to independent source for creative gift products.